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Failure to heed basic safty rules . . .
can result in death.

The riginal story was written by a friend of the family.


So sad .... The purpose of this true story is to share it with you in hopes something good can come from this tragedy. Please heed the warning signs and share this information with all the women who are important to you.

Just before 1 a.m. on July 12, 2001, Amada Morton, 19 years old, was on her way home and was within one mile of her home in Strafford, Missouri. She had just left her boyfriend's house and was talking to him on her cell phone. Here are the events that took place over the next few minutes.

1. She dropped her cell phone, picked it up, and said to her boyfriend, Devin, "I've just been rear-ended." Her boyfriend urged her to roll up her windows and lock her doors and told her he'd call the police. She told him she would call the police and asked him to come to the scene. Devin heard a man telling her they needed to exchange insurance information. Amanda said to her boyfriend, "It's okay, he seems nice."

2. At 1:03 a.m. she called home. The call was answered by her younger sister, Sarah. Worried about missing her curfew, Amanda told Sarah she'd been in an accident and would be late.

3. The Missouri Highway Patrol logged a call at 1:08 a.m. from Amanda asking them to send a trooper.

4. Witnesses later reported going by the scene of the accident and seeing a man and woman outside the vehicles talking.

5. Within five minutes of the time the Highway Patrol logged the call, a local policeman happened upon the scene. Only Amanda's car was there. It was running, the lights and flashers were on, and her purse and driver's license were in the car.

David Zink, a registered sex offender, who had only six months previously been released from serving a 20-year sentence in a federal prison in Texas for kidnapping and rape, had abducted Amanda.

Over the next few hours, he took her to a motel room in Camdenton, Missouri, raped her, and then took her to a cemetery near Osceola, Missouri, tied her to a tree, and stabbed and strangled her to death. He buried her body in a shallow grave in the cemetery.

The motel clerk in Camdenton realized the young woman with the man was distraught, but did nothing. As they were leaving the motel, a woman saw them arguing and Amanda was saying she didn't want to get into the truck, but the man forced her. The witness did nothing. When Amanda's picture was released by the media, the motel clerk called authorities and gave them the man's name and license number. He was brought in for questioning and confessed.

Two things to learn from this tragedy:

1. Women should never get out of the car when involved in minor accidents until authorities arrives. Or, if the car is drivable, go to the nearest public area, before getting out of the car.

2. If you ever see an individual that appears to be distraught or in a situation they do not want to be in, notify authorities!

Please pass this information on to others. It is hoped that people can learn from this tragedy and maybe lives will be saved.

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