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What's Brewing ??

We promise three real thrusts here . . .

(1) Public-Firing-Line,

(2) Internet Business and Activities Directory, and

(3) Philosophy by Frenchie

We are operating from the historic state of Maryland, USA . . . one of the original thirteen states. Join us and see the historic nation past, experience people building a present while preserving the old . . . and help us actively mold a better future via meaningful communications. This is your site too !!

The philosophy of the site is to sally forth, like the three musketeers:

(1) strike out at any business or service that displays improper behavior and very poor performance (specifically when no effort is made to correct such situations),

(2) help you locate and enjoy serve-the-public activities (eat, drink, spend a little, and

(3) finish with positive views on life.

Our promise to you . . . "You will get changing, informative information" . . . not engraved or carved in stone and dying stuff. Follow links to the dynamic parts of this world . . . be sure to enjoy it. If not, send mail and tell us what you need. We will make every effort to provide satisfaction within our economic bounds.

So, open the doors and travel with us around our world as we pursue:

(1) Public-Firing-Line "Directory" . . . any fool can criticize, condemn, question, and complain . . . and, we are fools . . . if we do not!
. . . Please send us your story. Send Mail

(2) Activity & Business "Directory" . . . be sure to see Kids Doctor for a free and most useful link to help parents care for children showing signs of being sick. Click on back Arrow or back key to return for more helpful directory and graphics information.

(3) Philosophy by Frenchie "Directory". . . The challenge is to find the number one and number three category subjects interwoven within the directory . . . watch for non-sequitur headings.

It is time to use Frenchie's directory . . . enjoy yourself . . . come back often to see changes.

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