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Frenchie's Weather Lookout . . . Your Neighborhood

Please click with your curson on this access to weather information connection to a service provided by YAHOO! Start out by entering your ZIP code in the little box found on the first page and click on the "Search" button.

This will get your local weather today, the forcast, neighboring states, even far out there, views by radar, views from satellite, etc.

Now you can really plan ahead! It even provides access to most parts of the world if interest is to see what the weather is elsewhere . . . or your home if you live in Africa for example.

Now you should know . . . Frenchie has been keeping his eyes open for you and hopes to keep you awake about the weather headed your way.

At first he tried staying on the islands off the coast of the United States, but the bottle mail weather warnings were to slooowwww!

Then he opened his eyes and observed the whole world from outer space!

But Frenchie thinks you better start saving your money for when we have those rainy cold days; save enough to take a boat ride or cruise somewhere in the sun.


you might try some sunshine on the island of Saint Martin or St.Marteen. A wonderful French and Dutch owned island in the Carribean Sea.

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This page is dated February 2001