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* Most deserving homebuyers have been left in a lurch by Congress.

* This bill passed the House by a one sided option of 417 to 8 on April 6, 2000.

* This is the most lopsided bipartisan vote for a major housing bill passed in 20 years.

* It has been stuck in the Senate ever since.

* Are our senators too old, too slow and now asleep?

* Originally called the American Homeownership and Economic Opportunity Act of 2000, H.R. 1776

* How do you fail to vote for this bill?

* It provides new low down-payment mortgage options for millions of public and private school teachers, police officers, firefighters and other local government workers nationwide.

* The local government workers include - - primarily law enforcement and medical emergency personnel.

* This bill allows them to obtain one percent down payment mortgages up to $219, 849 through the FHA.

* Frenchie says, It is time for our senators to "walk the walk".

* Maybe Bush and Cheney could push this bill forward to help.

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This page is dated November 2000