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You should not deal with UBID Online Auctions

What kind of game is being played here and what are the rules, if any ?

Are UBID goods useable or just refurbished and broken down junk ?

  • The key question:, "Is UBID Inc., an online auction company out of Memphis, TN selling the public bad goods?"

    Why do they not answer e-mail promptly or not at all ?

    Why refusal to provide extended warranty? Why send mail saying they are investigating and then they forget the customer query.

    See the real e-mail messages on this subject by clicking here and see proof of their deceptive e-mail answers.

    Then comes the answer to phone calls: SORRY we have no record of your mail (from their own website system) and the warranty has now expired!

    NOW THIS IS THE CHEAP WAY for them to treat customer dissatisfaction.

    NOW the customer is angry and wants justice.

    Will UBID correct the situation ?

  • I shall not tell a LIE; I shall not tell a LIE; I shall not tell a LIE . . . I WILL NOT FIX IT! I'm sorry; I'm sorry; I'm sorry . . . YOUR WARRANTY EXPIRED . . . HA HA HA!

  • THE CUSTOMER SAYS: the monitor is for my Dads computer system; he just got into using the computer at 86 years old. All he wants is for this monitor from UBID to work right, stop hurting his eyes and stop looking like its crooked.

    Can we help wake them up UBID to see their way clear on doing what is right and their duty? If we payed their salary . . . they would stop working for us!

    ---- The Account # is 0034367607 and the order deals with lot 28381, a SONY Trinitron 15" monitor from Gateway. The customer wants the same size and quality monitor replacement . . . now.

    ---- Send us Mail if you have had similar experiences. Maybe better busiess bureau folks can help?

  • *


    Sorry Dad, I got the computer but it did not come with a monitor.


    I ordered the monitor from UBID the online aution folks!


    What do you mean it looks skewed and crooked ?


    Let me see that. Well it's only two days since we got it, so no problem . . . I will send them e-mail telling them of the problem

    Maybe this is related to their not telling me I could not get an extended warranty during the bidding.

    AND why they give us only seven or so days to tell them about problems. Maybe they know the problems are coming?


    I did get one answer to my e-mails that said UBID is getting with the manufacturer to find out how to fix it . . . that never happened.

    THAT answer never came. Of course 30 days expired while we wait and now the SORRY STORY comes. Are these the spider people that weave a sinister web?

    * Where is integrity and honesty in this process. It is like NEVER deal with a company's people that will not look you in the face and own up to their failure.


    People want to receive good service for their money, not give it away for junk.

    Should we try the Federal or State government activities to force corrective action!

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    This page is dated April 1999.