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Now what did that doctor say was wrong?:

Visit this next link and it takes you to a very helpful and authoritive publication that uses everyday language to present information about diseases, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. THE MERCK MANUAL OF DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY, SIXTEENTH EDITION . . . provided as an educational and informational resource for Internet users around the world..

If these do not help, then try the Pharmacy Information Network


Baltimore, Maryland

The guy in the white smock, wearing a big smile is . . . Dwane Weaver

PHONE (410) 669-1900

Call him, he can and does answer questions about your medications.
Don't bother driving to this great pharmacy, call him, . . . arrange delivery or mailing.

Why spend the time and money driving??? Duane delivers in the city of Baltimore, MD, and even parts of the surrounding Baltimore county

Have your doctor call him with your prescription(s) and you call Duane to arrange how you want to get them. You can also fax him and get the great service you deserve. Ask Frenchie, that's his pharmacist as well.

Do yourself a big favor:

Visit this next link. It takes you to the University of Maryland Drug Information Service . . . which is the world's first International, unrestricted University-based Internet drug information service.

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