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This was a cool site that had some additional designs and a larger noble collection of arms and armor . . . that had to be removed at the "request" of the company LAWYER. Their loss. Be sure to see the rest of the pages at this site. by going to the directory. Some day the company whose material was displayed here will once again allow their wares to be displaye. Until then, you should continue below to view a much larger medieval collection. This saves a lot of web surfing and gives you a rapid view of what is available on the Internet.

You will now TRAVEL BACK to when arms and armor were more than just weapons. More than just instruments of offense and defense, they were individualized statements of the men who wore and used them. Enyoy going back in time!

Watch this location for more medieval English knights and beautiful pieces is handmade of fine steel worn and used by them. Please let me know if you want this kind of materiel on my site.

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NOW . . . ON WITH THE TOUR! Select each item below to see much more about medieval times and materiels used by noblemen and their warriors . . . but be sure to return here to see new materials and links as they are developed.

Swords N' Such . . . Medieval Swords || Oriental Swords || Military Swords || Maces, Axes, Polearms || Daggers || Medieval Apparel

Arms & Armor . . . Medieval Weapon References
Medieval-Weaponry . . . medieval swords, armor, helms and giftware
Swords & Armor . . . Store Index
Brubaker's Swords, Armory and Artifacts . . . replicas that are superbly accurate representations of weapons dating from Roman times through the present day.

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