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This is the place for NEW AND EXCITING thrusts . . . keep checking for the latest developments. Here are a few being developed right now:

(1) Weddings . . . announcements, just now, aniversaries, again, etc. with photo

(2) Births & Birthdays . . . can include pictures, but age not necessary!

(3) Love Messages . . . to and from loved ones around the world with graphics!

(4) Congratulations Graduates and Map Program that explores the US.

(5) Link here to see how to use this media and to place your advert on the web

(6) Where are you? . . . messages and pictures to help find other people . . . e.g., long lost brother, sister, friends, folks, etc.

The minor cost for these services is between $4 and $34 for one month's posting . . . the space also costs us . . . so we must pass this on. Try to get this much from the local newspaper and see what you have to pay. In this case it reaches the world and local readers.

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Just send us an e-mail message for text content only and a check for the amount we will agree to. If you want a photo used, still send text by e-mail and lets discuss how it and the picture will be used. Follow-up the disucssions with regular mail to send picture and a check to cover costs. We will return photo/picture in the same maner you send it. HURRY HURRY HURRY . . . be one of the first to use this super service. Try it and see how easy it is . . . you will be very pleased with the result!







Our promise to you . . . "You will get changing and informative information" . . . not engraved or carved in stone and dying stuff. Follow links to the dynamic parts of this world . . . be sure to enjoy it. If not, send mail and tell us what you need. We will make every effort to provide satisfaction within our economic bounds.

So, open the doors and travel with us around our world as we pursue life with vigor.

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