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I was just curious . . . who wouldn't be? Drugs are all over and my friends pressure me.

I tried talking to Mom but she sent me to bed, and Dad looked at me like . . . If I ever catch you, you'll be better off dead.

I was just curious . . . that's not a sin. I just wanted someone to STOP and LISTEN.

Things would be different if Mom only knew, and if Dad were a friend that I could talk to.

I was just curious and it seemed nobody cared. So, I gave drugs a try even though I was scared.

Why wasn't I told what might happen to me? Now I'm addicted and stealing, and I just can't get free.

I ws just curious. Now prison is my home. I wish I'd said NO and left drugs ALONE.

- K.P.

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This page is dated March 1999.