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A Super Congratulations Wish!

Jean-Pierre Chausse Graduates from Burlington Community High School

Good luck with what comes tomorrow

Micheal Chausse Graduates from Washington High School

Believe in the promise of tomorrow, but live this day in the fullest

This announces that . . . Magdalynn Michele Barry . . . from Florida

graduates from Lake Region High School on December 21, 2004; . . . set her goals and is proud to have attained them. Magdalynn is a determined young lady ready for a wonderful future!

Her parents are glowing with pride and most happy to share this experience with Maggie.

A Beautiful Young Lady

This announces that . . . Stephanie Marie . . . from Oklahoma

graduated from Jaguar's High School . . . with pride and accomplishment . . . ready to step out into a bright and wonderful future!

This is a very lucky and outstanding young woman in America.

This is Richard, Stephanie Marie's brother. He graduated from his high school in Norman, OK . . .
one of the brightest of the smart ones.
His class motto is most fitting
We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat."

Their mother, Mary, is so very proud of them!

This announces that . . . Rachel Irene . . . from Omaha, Nebraska

graduated from Bellevue East High School . . . with pride of accomplishment . . . ready to step out into a bright and wonderful future!

This is an outstanding young woman in America.

Her father and mother are so very proud of her!

We love this super girl, especially since she is related to the Chausse family !

and now comes brother David, the handsome one, graduating in 1998

And not being left behind anyone, their cousin Garrett pulls the same smart person act . . .
he too graduates in 1998, He walked on stage at Watkins Memorial High School in Ohio.

and . . . Frenchie, their uncle is most proud of them ALL!

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