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Maybe You Need . . . to ask questions; page one ?

What kind of game is being played here and what are the rules, if any ?

  • A key question is, "Who lies to the public?"

  • CAMPAIGN FINANCES . . . who would think of wrong doing? Anyone allowed to lie again?

    Do greedy politics remain protected . . . when a campaign finance reform bill gets stuck in legislative limbo or allowed to DIE in the House/Senate without even a fuss ?

    Can we help wake them up to what's right and duty? Don't we pay their salary . . . when did they stop working for us?

    Can you write to them when it's obvious they are wrong? How about making PUBLIC SERVANTS do it right? Why wait for elections?

    DO NOT VOTE FOR people who do not earn their salary.

  • *

    People want to receive good service for their money, not give it away. Maybe state and/or federal legislatures could serve tax payers better.

    Don"t let game players rip off the people who put them in office . . . unless of course you are part of the game too.

    Check out government links below for places to write or send e-mail. Get their attention NOW!

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  • If your from Maryland, try talking to Senators Sarbanes or Mikulski

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