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Why are GM Creditcard Members Like Fish ?

GM Checks Can be Stolen Easily

GM Cardmember identities and account funds are at high risk

Hello Credit Card Holders . . .

Have you seen checks in the mail each month that resemble these ??

Warning to all GM Card Members and Other Credit Card Holders . . .

Every month you probably get letters from the billing departments.

Look closely at the contents of the envelopes containing your monthly bill.

Note that the new billing statement envelope may also contain "blank" checks to encourage you to spend even more money, in addition to charges via your plastic cards!

I did and see what was discovered.

Hey, I thought, how nice to get these easily used blank checks whenever I want funds.

Then I thought, how easily someone could steal this kind of envelope and it not be noticed for a while.

What if someone did rip off such a check?

It sure would be easy to fill in the blanks and spend YOUR money !!!

If you are at risk in this situation, it would be smart to get the credit card firm to stop these checks before it happens to you.

I called GM Cardmember Services and was told to not worry. I am not responsible for such fraudulent charges !!!

As in identfication theft . . . you are responsible until you and lawyers can prove you were not the spender. I bet this is the same with such checks being stolen and cashed in your name.

Do you want to fight such an identity case in court to get your money back ?

Better yet, Stop such checks coming to you each month. Tell the firm if you want these checks, you will order them. DO NOT LET CHECKS come to you automatically each month.

This will cause a lot of people a lot of problems that are readily stopped. Cancel those checks at the source.

My GM service representative said, all the major credit card services do it. So don't be so concerned. It is normal business.

I told him to give me by pay-off balance (I sent a check), I had my sissors in hand, and when I hung up the cards will be pieces of plastic in my trash can. Do not bother sending me billing statements AND checks since I am no longer a customer.

//s// "Frenchie"

I warned the service representative of how this would appear on the Internet and also will be in the hands of Congress people. I will ask the rules to be made that this practice MUST stop. Customers are being ripped off in more ways than one already.

Paul Sarbanes and Barbara Mikulski have been notified. I will post their response as soon as I receive any from them. I promise.

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This page is dated 29 April 2005.