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Many hospitals and doctors are over priced,
poorly operated and poorly managed . . .
where is patient care and help available ?

Call a doctors office . . .
The first question you are asked is, "What insurance do you have?"

  • NOT . . . what is your problem?
  • NOT . . . how are you feeling?
  • NOT . . . how can we help you today?
  • What are the rules to health care?
  • One business rule is . . . see how many patients fit into a one hour production line.
  • OR see how many cubicles can be filled up and have people in line to be seen for 5 minutes each.
  • What happened to the old fashioned idea that someone in a medical practice ACTUALLY CARES
    about helping you feel better or ACTUALLY BE BETTER after seeing them with a problem?
  • How much money is needed to play?
  • Try enough to buy a doctor to take care of you.
  • Its a very expensive game.
  • How many doctors have you heard of that have gone broke or bankrupt?

  • Do you know what it feels like to BEG for help?

    Whose job is it to care about how YOU feel and who may actually help YOU?

    Does your answer use the words hospital, doctor, nurse, and/or medical assistant?

    You may be RIGHT . . . and you may be Wrong.

  • The answer is people . . . good people and only good people.

  • It's NOT routinely found in the health profession or field of work anymore. YES, there some exceptions.

  • It's how good is the person you are seeing.

  • It's kind of like, How many doctors will visit you at home when very sick in bed?

    HA HA HA . . . this is a mean joke or a myth that went out of style with being honest, dependable, honorable, thoughtful and caring.

  • It reminds me of what ever happened to simple words like . . . "Can I help you?"

  • The key question is, "Can you find a medical person that cares ?"

    WARNING AND RECOMMENDATION! You need to visit a doctor to investigate the doctor AND his/her staff and find out which hospitals the doctor uses. Investigate them all before sinking your money into a never ending hole with never ending health problems!

    If they smell like money, look like having a lot of money, operate like having lots of money and speak of retirement at 45 to 50, then . . . you may have found someone NOT to establish as your regular doctor.

    If looks are more important than substantial and forthright care for your health, then by all means you could feel grand just sitting in their waiting rooms, cubicles and offices . . . all decorated with THE latest and best art pieces.

    let's hear from some folks that have a tale or two to tell that clearly shows where they made some wrong choices for sure.

    A doctor story and a hospital story will be linked here very soon; come back to see how the doctor saga turns the world . . . a little like a soap opera. In some cases the stories are accurate only if it covers the doctor's staff . . . before you even get to check out his/her manners. See how long before the story fits one of your outings.

  • Can I sit back with my coffee while I read? Not unless you like to spend money and have loads of it. Where does all the money go? Taxes and Doctors . . . death comes later.

  • Maybe we can reinvent how to produce good people, teach ethics 101 every year, teach people to love people more than the almighty buck! You certainly will not get help from a President that is too busy spending YOUR excess tax revenues (collected from YOU) . . . Elected officials are going to raise your taxes to implement a new set of rules, paper forms and teams to listen to your complaints . . . and do damn little about it! They will not legislate making doctors and their staffs care about how you are doing today. It is the parents that teach this to their kids long before they become doctors and nurses.

  • Have you made the right choices or are you just plain lucky? Lets hear from you. Send us Mail

    People want to receive good service for their money, not give it away. Maybe state and/or federal legislatures could serve tax payers better by investigating and regulating those who worship the big bucks and terrific bed side manners . . . after you if you please.

  • I wait two hours to hear this??? . . .

    What's the big deal! So you spend $150 for help with ear ache or the common cold . . . you wait 2 hours to see your doctor the first time and another $150 AND UP for the return visit. Just remember this is for seeing a professional! Even if his staff keeps asking you visit after visit about which medical insurance you now have. It's enough to make an adult cry . . . Mommy where are all the nice people you told me are in the world? Certainly not in your average doctors office!


    Do you have any stories to tell?

    Try to move around with legs that do not work and ask for help with excruciating back pain and numb legs and feet. Get some parking instructions to see the doctor and be told you have to take time off from work to meet the doctor during his working hours. And by the way, get a neighbor or another working member of your family to wheel you in and wait with you. That way you both lose salary!

    Follow instructions carefully and you too can spend megabucks for tests and more tests that drain what you can not take to the grave anyway, so why worry about it. Yes people, the doctors phone line is okay, their staff is ready to help (if you have insurance they like) and yes you will still pay for very little good help.

    Look in the government links below for places to write or send e-mail. Get their attention NOW! They may actually find a good solution . . . if you can find good people willing to actually do good work on the hill!

    Tour Federal and State government offices, activities, people resources.

  • State & Local Government

  • Federal and State Governments

  • Who are your congressional senators and representatives?

  • Need official federal government web sites?

  • Would you like to tour the Library of Congress?

  • If your from Maryland, try talking to Senators Sarbanes or Mikulski

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