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Your Internet Advert . . . The only mistake you can make as you read this is . . . not having an advert on the Internet!

Get maximum benefits and exposure on the Internet at minimum price.

Be there for the millions of current world wide web users and for the phenomenal explosion of new Internet users (translates to customers) signing on weekly.


New buyers are looking on the Internet . . . and your business is not there!

This is not a fad or a trend . . . it's a business revolution!

The web is the ultimate convenience to users/customers.

They decide when to buy . . . not only when you are open for business. . .

They set viewing times, review prices and product description or services at their convenience, day or night.

For Your Internet Services . . . We do not have to be big; we think big and provide for your needs. Watch your business grow. We do it for you!

We put you on the Internet full-time in just a couple of weeks using extensive experience, professional computer expertise, communication engineering, and a recognized world-wide graphics designer, Frenchie.

Is it expensive to have colorful full-page advertisements with graphics displayed around the clock, every day of the year, that can even change periodically?

It costs less than equivalent telephone yellow page advertisements and many many more people can see your message(s).

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Remember, You need to be the front runner and not the one trying to catch up with the competition.


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January 1999