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Is Direct TV Over Priced, Poorly Operated and Poorly Managed?

Is Direct TV Over Priced, Poorly Operated and Poorly Managed ?

What kind of game is being played here ?

What are the rules ?

Recommendation: Read below and then help give bad business practices a fight!

Who is involved: DIRECT TV . . . US SATELLITE BROADCASTING . . .ROXY.COM and SONY (BS# Satellite Receiver and Dish Antenna)

  • The key question is, "Should You Buy Into Direct TV ?"

    WARNING! You need to read this before sinking your money into a never ending hole !

    Start by Buying a Receiver and Antenna

  • What Now ? Just call two different dealers to get basic Direct TV programs and call the other to get a few well known movie channels (same ones over and over for months). You can get this for a measly $60 or so. This is when you discover that you have struck the tip of the iceberg . . . the real costs and service consideration start HERE. Keep your eyes open.

  • Can I sit back with my coffee yet? Not unless you like to spend money and have loads of it. Where does all the money go?

  • I shall not tell a LIE; I'm sorry . . . I enjoy good TV!

  • But Dad, why did you pay another $150 for only some of the Pro football games? And why did you pay another $80 for those College football games that were mostly blacked out, unavailable but on regular TV and you saw which junior college play which junior college? Is that what AA football looks like ?

  • Daddy . . . why where you swearing all those evenings about looking at reruns? Why did you have to keep unplugging the power cord on the SONY receiver? Why did it take hours to see a picture again? Why did they replace your NEW receiver with a REBUILT receiver? Why are you sitting in front of a blank TV and swearing some more? ?

  • Keep in mind that this is but ONE experience over four months time . . . keep the money flowing and you too could have trouble free viewing. Myself I vote to go back to cable TV if they have not jumped too far up the scale yet. Or maybe I should just settle for a VHF/UHF antenna with a rotator. This is really the most cost effective choice in and around cities with several broadcasting stations. And then again, there is always a good book and the Internet! Try watching the antics of your cat and the neighborhood squirrel . . . good stuff.

  • -- Do you have the right answers? Lets hear from you. Send us Mail

  • *

    What a deal! Spend $200 for equipment . . . and MORE for a surge protector PLUS the cost of installation for another $150 AND UP. If you want more receivers it is $600 a pop. Just remember this is for equipment and it does not get you any programs yet

    * Total Choice® PLATINUM
    * Total Choice® GOLD
    * Total Choice® SILVER
    * Total Choice® PLUS ENCORE
    * Total Choice®
    * Select Choice®

    These programs are monthly expenses that in logical combinations cost you around $65 and up; for basic programs that are routine and STALE VIEWING. Stuff you saw on regular TV and cable for around $75 a month with new movies periodically and year round sports events.





    * Are there more costs for all this great DIRECT TV viewing? Of course there is to see real TV.

    * Wait till you decide to buy SEPARATE Sports packages and individual movies to ward off old, repeats; Just get your checkbook ready. It is a bit like paying taxes and the national budget spending by the time your through. It Costs You through the nose.

    * This is the bill that has all the hidden pork barrel costs to drain your bank account dry.




    He had to move around with his cane and hurting back pain with numb legs and feet to follow instructions from all the players mentioned at the start of this page. Each one blames the programing or equipment folks depending on who was on the telephone line at the time. Yes people, our phone line is okay and no we still do not get good TV programs.
    Right now my Direct TV screen is BLANK

    People want to receive good service for their money, not give it away. Maybe state and/or federal legislatures could serve tax payers better by investigating and regulating these Rip Off Artists first class.

    Don"t let these entertainment specialists and/or game players rip you off.

    Look in the government links below for places to write or send e-mail. Get their attention NOW!

    Clink on this link to read short letters from people that add to the complaints so far.

    Tour Federal and State government offices, activities, people resources below !

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