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Do you recognize any devil's on earth or their playgrounds?

Let's look carefully below and see if you can match who plays with the Devil ?

Here are candidates for you to choose from!

The Oil-For-Food_Program was perfectly legal . . .
just ask all my United Nations takers
that were paid-off to vote for me with the funds.

Sadr even looks like the devil!

Now these devils proved themselves over and over.
Now they share the fires of hell with the devil.

Yes, if you come from his home and background.

Now this devil has a friendly face in Jakarta.

Yes, a Jackson woman can play the roll as well.

Hollywood pruduces trash that qualifies as
devil products.

Our cut of the Oil-for-Food Program sure makes
us happy to be friends with Saddam.

Is he a devil? How can this man in charge not know about making money with Saddam passing around the big money to UN members?

How can these people enjoy seeing our guys getting
killed and vehicles burning? Are they devils ?

Insurgents that appear to be proud of doing the devils work.

The Fires of hell that burn the nations wealth to
rebuild the country.

These guys followed Saddam's orders with enthusiasm and with the joy of seeing fellow Iraqi people suffer.

An insurgent sniper ready to do the devil's bidding.

The devil's housing for killers of the world.

Where in the devil did the insurgents go now ?

Is this how you visit the local cemetary? Do these look like good guys out for a stroll ?

How can these guys have such joy in their
facial expressions ?

Is he a devil? How can this armed man threaten a boy and his family in their own home in the United States? I believe he is lead by a devil.

Is the guy with the RPG on the wall doing the work
of Allah / God ???

Is she one, in love with one, or just a big power lover living off your tax dollars? Would you vote and pray for the devil to be in charge?

The gold dome is behind this peaceful mosque front.
Front is just what it is; it is
a cover for insurgents and terrorists.

Is he a devil? How can this man and others in Congress give away your money and tax you for more? When more than 50% of your money
goes to taxes . . . who is guilty now.

This Louis Farrakhan is a muslim leader that claims our President blew up the levies in New Orleans. With his mind and speaches you had better fear for your lives.

Are these devils of Europe / Mid-East? How can Chirac fight for France and yet gives it away? Is he the leader that gets rich while others suffer?

Are they devils? They are confirmed buddies and will
work on personal gains ahead of all else in the world.

Any devils you can recognize here? How can this man make deals with one of the most confirmed terrorists in the world?

A leader of the Arab world that could be financing many
terrorist cells? Is he qualified as a devil?

Is this guy a devil? How can this man have been a Colonel with the KGB and now lead Russia without eliminating some people in questionable ways?

How can these people shoot, blow-up, burn, cripple and behead people
unless they too are devils?

Is this the mighty weapon system that our Navy would have to work with ? Will Congress collect more taxes to buy more of these?

Get US Senators to use Social Security (SS) like it was meant to be. Stop using money for other programs and there is lots of money for SS. ... Republicans and Democrates ... too many to name and show their pictures. They are not on SS ... instead they vote for their own pension system. They get the best and to hell with the rest (us, who pay loads into SS). Should we list candidates for this bad guy award? Send me your vote. It does not even pay for medical needs when elderly. Lets make them pay SS taxes too. Oh, why do most wage earners pay over 50% of their salary in taxes?

Please send me your comments and any candidates you would like to see here for others to see. The choices are from your suggestions as well, so send Frenchie your pictural candidates now . . . see e-mail address at the bottom of this page.


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