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Want to have your advert or site on the Internet ?

Just select a close match below and send mail to discuss your options . . . Frenchie will take good care of your needs at the lowest possible price . . . anywhere in the U.S.

  • $100 Basic Package with $20 monthly maintenance fee (Up to 3 pages of text; 1 background; and 1 graphic)

  • $200 Standard Package with $25 monthly maintenance fee (Up to 5 pages of text and backgrounds; 5 graphics; one additional link page)

  • $500 Enhanced Package/$50 monthly maintenance fee (Up to 15 pages of text, backgrounds, icons, and 10 graphics; 5 additional link pages)

  • $900 * Complete Package/$65 monthly maintenance fee (Up to to 20 pages of text, graphics, and 5 link pages; sound; HTML 3.2; and & Java applet)

    *this is custom pricing for stable businesses and can change at the time we establish your requirements."

  • Your own stuff . . . $ 50 per month for every five pages
  • All pages posted to Internet monthly and /or yearly . . . 3 months minimum.

  • Lease your own server . . . you maintain it or lets discuss our doing it for you. We can save you a lot of money . . . and you will be proud of the results.

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