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I SUPPORT DEMOCRATS . . . maybe You need to ask questions.

What kind of game is being played here and what are the rules, if any ?

Stories . . . Fact or Fiction!

The key question is, "Who lies to the public?"

PLEASE remember how John Kerry voted with Jane to support
North Vietnamese effort.

Here are the troops Jane Fonda and John Kerry supported in Vietnam conflict.

John Kerry wants us to have ceremonial army . . . with no major weapons to fight with.

He knows how to pump fist
but fails to push programs in Congress that will benifit you and I!

John joins Ted in Massachusettes to cover their voters with appropriate praise and help . . .
a big snow job.

Vote for me as your next President and I will fix your Taxes . . .
take all I can get for Congress to spend more.

Kerry wants the best transportation money can buy for our troops . . . cheap on fuel costs.

Kerry supports educating monkeys to do his work in the run for President. John Kerry will have you working for his trained monkeys.

One more of the friendly foreign supporters in action.

Kerry of course supports Spanish action after bombing of train . . . pull out of the fight.

How can you vote for a guy who wants to see you ride to work
. . . on cheap transportation.

Kerry supports Kennedy's liberal model
. . . drown them in rehetorical speaches
while taking their pay checks to congress.


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