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I SUPPORT DEMOCRATS . . . maybe You need to ask questions.

What kind of game is being played here and what are the rules, if any ?

Stories . . . Fact or Fiction!

The key question is, "Who lies to the public?"

John Kerry gets solid vote from friendly leader overseas.

Muslims pray for John Kerry to win 2004 race.
Why do they like John . . . ?

John Kerry will clearly miss the two leader votes; he was unhappy with hideaway attack.

Another friendly leader votes
for Kerry. Prays he is released
to live in France. VIVA LA FRANCE !

Saddam hires new law firm. You want to have these guys playing any role in our government? The three musketeers will steal you blind!

Hydrant is tax source (you)
John Kerry will pass taxes thru your property
and will hose you down every year.

What can I say?

More foreign leadership voting for John Kerry;
and against George Bush.

Read what John stands for
and put your wallet in a bank deposit box.

Yasser Arafat hopes and prays for help from Allah
to have John Kerry win the race. Yes, this is another
friendly foreign vote for Kerry.

How can you not vote for a guy like this?

How many people from Massachusetts does it take
to change a light bulb? Two, one to hold the bulb and
John Kerry to keep changing positions.

I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

Since President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1:

The first battalion of the new Iraqi Army has graduated and is on
active duty (~60,000 Iraqis providing security to citizens).

Nearly all of Iraq's 400 courts are functioning.

The Iraqi judiciary is fully independent.

Power generation hit 4,518 megawatts (Oct), exceeding prewar output.

All 22 Universities & 43 technical institutes/colleges are open

Nearly all primary and secondary schools are open.

Coalition has "rehabbed" 1,500+ schools (500 ahead of schedule).

Teachers earn from 12-25 times their former salaries.

All 240 hospitals and more than 1200 clinics are open.

Doctors salaries are at least 8 times what they were under Saddam.

Pharmaceutical distribution has gone from almost zero to 12,000 tons.

Coalition has helped administer 22 million+ vaccinations to children.

Coalition has cleared 14,000+km of Iraq's 27,000km of weed-choked
canals which now irrigate tens of thousands of farms. This project has
created 100,000+ jobs for Iraqi men & women.

Coalition has restored over 3/4 of prewar telephone services and 2/3+
of potable water production.

4,900+ full-service telephone connections (~50,000 by year-end).

Commerce is expanding rapidly (bicycles, satellite dishes, cars,
trucks, etc) in all major cities and towns.

95% of all prewar bank customers have service and first-time customers
are opening accounts daily.

Iraqi banks are making loans to finance businesses.

The central bank is fully independent.

Iraq has one of the world's most growth-oriented investment and banking

Iraq has a single, unified currency for the first time in 15 years.

Satellite TV dishes are legal.

Foreign journalists are not on "10-day visas" paying mandatory fees to
the Ministry of Information for minders. There is no such Ministry.

There are 170+ newspapers.

Foreign journalists (and everyone else) are free to come and go.

A nation that had not one single element - legislative, judicial or
executive - of a representative government, now does.

In Baghdad alone, residents have selected 88 advisory councils.

Baghdad's democratic transfer of power (1st in 35 years); city council
elected its new chairman.

Iraqi Chambers of commerce, businesses, schools and professional
organizations are electing their leaders all over the country.

25 ministers, selected by the most representative governing body in
Iraq's history, run the day-to-day business of government.

The Iraqi gov't regularly participates in international events.

Since July the Iraqi gov't has been represented in 24+ international
meetings, including UN General Assembly, the Arab League, the World
Bank, IMF and the Islamic Conference Summit.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it is reopening 30+
Iraqi embassies worldwide.

Shia religious festivals (all but banned) are no longer illegal.

For the first time in 35 years, in Karbala, thousands of Shiites
celebrate the pilgrimage of the 12th Imam.

The Coalition has completed 13,000+ reconstruction projects, large and
small, as part of a strategic plan for the reconstruction of Iraq.

Uday and Queasy are dead, and no longer feeding Iraqis to the zoo
lions, raping the young daughters of local leaders to force
cooperation, torturing Iraq's soccer players for losing games, or
murdering critics.

Children aren't imprisoned or murdered when their parents disagree with
the government.

Political opponents aren't imprisoned, tortured, executed, maimed, or
forced to watch their families die for disagreeing with Saddam.

Millions of long-suffering Iraqis no longer live in perpetual terror.

As a side effect, in neighboring countries, (1) Saudis will hold
municipal elections, (2) Qatar is reforming education to give more
choices to parents, (3) Jordan is accelerating market economic reforms,
(4) The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded (first time) to an Iranian
(Muslim woman) who speaks out for human rights/democracy & peace.

Saddam is gone.

Iraq is free.

Little or none of this information has been published by the Press
Corps that prides itself on bringing you all the news that's important.
Iraq, under US lead control, has come further in six months than
Germany did in seven years or Japan did in nine years following WWII.
Military deaths from fanatic Nazi's and Japanese numbered in the
thousands and continued for over three years after WWII victory was
declared. It took the US over four months to clear away the twin tower
debris, let alone attempt to build something else in its place.

Now, take into account that many people in our government and media
continue to claim on a daily basis on national TV that this conflict
has been a failure. Taking everything into consideration, even the
unfortunate loss of our sons and daughters in this conflict, do you
think any other country in the world could have accomplished as much as
the United States and its coalition partners have in so short a period
of time?

Karl Nielson  LT, CHC, USNR  13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)

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