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Maybe You Need . . . to ask questions? Do you support the democratic party and all that Senator John Kerry represents ???

What kind of game is being played here and what are the rules, if any ?

Stories . . . Fact or Fiction!

The key question is, "Who lies to the public?"

We are so excited about Kerry - maybe he can do
what we failed to do in our eight years!

We will take over from US troops that
Kerry will not support.

Okay, now that I won, I will support Kerry and
he can help me pay some of my bills too.

Your children will be super safe just
like this one if you vote for me, says Kerry.

This Cuban kid was treated with Democrat
soft gloves . . . remember this poor kid ??

If you have feared Terrorists today . . .
wait till Kerry sets up the new
home guard under Jane Fonda.

Ask John Kerry if this is how he parks a car on
his private yacht?
He will help you park your car in Washington DC also.

John Kerry will fight . . . eyeball to eyeball
and more when you are not looking.

John Kerry will need all the help he can get.

John Kerry . . . you can count on Tennessee to support you (well maybe).

Here is my manual on how to win an election!

Kerry might try this tongue style . . .
it fits his flip flop stories.

We agree John, lets raise taxes to fund all our liberal programs.
Forget the troops, we need to line our pockets better.

John Kerry . . . is this how
you will support better family life ??

H.J. Heinz & Co., the family business of John Kerry and his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry owns 79 factories and 57 of them are overseas!

Heinz Annual Report


Heinz is a premier international food company, with number-one and number-two brands in more than 50 countries. Approximately 60% of Heinz's total sales now come from outside the United States, making it the most international U.S.-based food company.

According to its website, Heinz is making ketchup, pizza crust, baby cereal and other edibles in such countries as Poland, Venezuela, Bostswana, China, Thailand and India.

Now here is the real kicker. Senator John Kerry stated Bush is to blame for US companies outsourcing jobs to other countries. He calls CEOs who employ foreigners Benedict Arnolds.

Hard to believe people would actually consider voting for this guy.

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I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

This is about John Kerry on Defense.  
He voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. He voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank. He voted to kill every Aircraft Carrier laid down from 1988. He voted to kill the Aegis anti-aircraft system. He voted to kill the F-15 Strike Eagle. He voted to kill the Block 60 F-16. He voted to kill the P-3 Orion upgrade. He voted to kill the B-1. He voted to kill the B-2. He voted to kill the Patriot anti-missile system. He voted to kill the FA-18. He voted to kill the F-117. In short, he voted to kill every military appropriation for the development
and deployment of every weapons system since 1988, to include the battle armor
for our troops. With Kerry as president, our Army will be made up of naked men
running around with sticks and clubs.
He also voted to kill all anti-terrorism activities of every agency of the
U.S. Government and to cut the funding of the FBI by 60%, the CIA by 80% and NSA
by 80%. But then he voted to increase OUR funding for UN operations by 800%!!! Is THIS a President YOU want???

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