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Fredrick Thompson promoted to Warrant Officer 2 aboard the USS Barry

Lots of pictures . . . give it time to load.

Honor Guard passes USS BARRY

God Bless the US Navy and its Men

It is official . . . here is the signed promotion order.

It is time to remove Master Chief rank.

Fred Thompson watched by good friends

He had to kiss MOM . . . a proud woman.

On top of all this . . . CW2 Fredrick Thompson gets a new hat from Mrs. Thompson.

Fred was honored by getting his first salute from a member of the United States Air Force. He will be getting a lot of salutes . . . for the officer, the gentleman, and the man.

Family and Friends a valued part of his life.

God Bless and take care of our men and women in the United States Armed Forces . . .

Frenchie gets escort to promotion by Ltjg Will Washington

Yes, Promotion Time for Fredrick Thomson

Promotion Award . . . highly deserved indeed.

So now lets get the old rank off.

More people watch . . . more good friends that were elated and honored to attend.

The real boss pins on the Boards

Fed then promised to be a good officer and serve with pride.

Fred Thompson & Will Washington Great Friends.

Fred & Will with immediate family. Friends of Frenchie, who takes lousy pictures.

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