Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Ho Ho Ho! . . . Greetings from
Santa's House and toy factory
The North Pole

Hello Everyone

This letter is to you from your friend, "Frenchie". I am very busy writing letters to many boys and girls to ask that they share good fortunes with others. I hope you will share something with needy people during this special time of the year. They at least deserve a smile and touch of friendliness at minimum. Sharing a gift of food or more would be especially nice. Sharing time with your own family is terrific. Myself, I grew up hearing about Santa in the North Pole, shared gifts and enjoyed visits with many of our family. I also enjoyed the "commercial" part of Christmas with the story about Santa delivering toys to us children. Later I learned about the another meaning of Christmas . . . from a religious view.

My parents told me about Jesus who was born on Christmas day and how He has Santa and the elves make and deliver toys for all children around the world. This is His way of sharing His birthday gifts with all of us. Being in the position to tell stories of or about Christmas is difficult. We all do not believe in the same stories. There is one though that you can believe in no matter where you are. Hopefully you can believe in the goodness and happiness of sharing time and/or gifts with others.

I have my kids and other children in the families near me give me lists of the things they want for Christmas. I share the lists with others. You can make a list and send it by E-mail to Frenchie. He will be glad to send your list to Santa, St. Nick, or whomever you ask that it be forwarded to. This way, others will see your list and consider what you ask for. Then it is up to them if they can help make your request a reality. I am only serving as a messenger.


PS. Please leave some cookies out for whoever visits your house on Christmas!

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