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Maybe You Need . . . to ask questions at The Carroll Hospital Center ?

What kind of game is being played here and what are the rules, if any ?

Stories . . . Fact or Fiction! You be the judge.

The key question is,
"Who lies to the public?"

The billing department makes up stories and you have the choice on which to believe and spend the most of your money for.

"You are a fool if you send money to a hospital by mistake."

Especially new and expanded hospitals like the Carroll Hospital Center.

They got a check by mistake that was to pay for a Carroll County Government water and sewer bill.

The hospital came up with a fictitious two year old bill to use the money in the check. Leaving the sender to have to pay the government bill again . . . and a penalty for being late.

Repeated phone calls to the billing department gave the caller a different story each time as to what happened to the check funds.

At first the insurance was billed, then it was not, Medicare was billed and did not pay, it's too late to submit to the insurance . . . the bill is too old, and then the payer gets $20.00 rebate to keep his mouth shut.

Repeated calls ask for a written statement of the bill for which the funds were taken. None received to claim for income tax purposes.

Back to sending them money and never getting it back !!!!
They care about funds more than the persons health and well being.
Is this the kind of place you want to trust ??

Stay away from the Carroll Hospital Center unless you have lots of money and want to give it to them.

What happened to "In God We Trust" and the loving care you expect at a small town hospital. What happened to the "we can help" you attitude they use to have there?

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