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  • What caused General or President or Mohamed or leader of the Baath Party or Savior Saddam Hussein to lead Iraq on a path of death? Will he be tried by his own people and put into prison or will he be put to death?

  • What is the problem here? Was this x-leader of the Islamic state fearful of the death of millions of followers? Did he care about the deaths betstowed by him upon his nations children and babies?
  • Will the Iraqi justice system deal with this inhumane person?
  • This past owner of tens of palaces that says his children did not have medicine; they were dying in Iraqi hospitals?

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  • Should We Ask ?

    Early in the Gulf War, Saddam appeared ignorant of the West. And although facing the world's most powerful military force, he seemed indifferent to the bombing of Baghdad. "Whoever has God on his side never gets defeated," he said. Be sure to read his manifesto; his view of himself as savior of the Islamic world. Then perhaps you can begin to understand this indifference to all else prisoner.

  • Until the Coalition liberated Iraq, Saddam continued to play with fire. But to this man . . . he saw the confrontation with Washington as anything but suicidal.

  • His inner circle was required to shower him with praise. Try to be critical of Saddam and you were either out of a job or out of life itself. Remember Saddam's two sons-in-law that defected to Jordan in 1995. Saddam welcomed them back into the fold but a few days after their return to Iraq and then he put both on the road to Allah; they are dead.

  • Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, gave Western journalists guided tours of six presidential palaces (and there are many more) . . . with landscaped lawns larger than 10 soccer fields.

  • Five are in the presidential complex on the western bank of the Tigris River in Baghdad; all were off-limits to the civilians for whom he expresses so much concern for their well being.

  • One building has a huge domed hall tiled with Italian marble. Another has bronze statues of soldiers and paintings of Saddam leading (from Bagdad) his army into victory.

  • There were two palaces under construction in the sprawling compound, which was so large one has to take a bus from one site to the next.

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