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A Proud China and Asia Are Awakening

China is restablishing its place among world powers, pledging allegiance to its ancient past, diverse cultures, and unified provinces; and now it is acquiring the necessities of a modernized country that stands out in its place among the nations of Asia.

This is a great place to jump off into views of Asia with centers of leadership, trade and economics with a proud Chinese nation leading the way.

Now here is a future chinese leader
She is a real winner The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites, you can find everthing regarding
             China here

China Internet Corporation facilitates U.S. Technology Development in China (BEIJING, Thursday May 14, 1998)The China Internet Corporation assisted the 1998 U.S. Computer Industry Trade Mission during its visit to China. The high-level Mission, organised by the U.S. Department of Commerce, was led by Mr John E. McPhee, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology and Aerospace Industries. The U.S. delegation, comprising of nine computer companies, has toured five key Chinese cities, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, as part of a trade mission building partnerships to serve the world's fastest growing computer market

Here are a few links to get you into the Asian world

  • China On-Line Provides Government & Commerical insights into China

  • South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd. makes a great communications leap to bring you news from the Asian area.

  • The Hong Kong Connections.

  • China views provided by CNN

  • This is your link to major newspapers and articles from the Aian area

  • China's Xinhua news agency reported recently that the country's number of Internet surfers has elevated from 20,000 to 620,000 in the last five years. Xinhua also said about 300,000 computers are wired to the Internet.

  • PAKISTAN - - Another main player in the Asian area is Pakistan. Here is an opportunity to view the news from Pakistan and its views on issues of concern to them.

  • INDIA - - There are many reports advised us of issues in the world; one such view comes from the Times of India - Online Be sure to see this area of the world as reported from that location.

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