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Medical & Health Links

  • For every woman on line. What a great package of information. You will enjoy surfing over there. 
  • BABYZONE: PREGNANCY, MATERNITY, FAMILY PLANNING, INFERTILITY, CHILDBIRTH, PARENTING, AND BABIES, all the "if and buts, pros and cons" about the creation of a family.
  • The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is dedicated to the cures of inherited bleeding disorders and the prevention and treatment of their complications through education, advocacy, and research.
  • What a Beautiful Site. In English and Spanish with search engines. Att the information you want if you are willing to spend some time searching for it.
  • - A site full of information for women.(mothers or not) 

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Children's Readings

  • Stone Soup -What a GREAT IDEA and how beautifully presented. For kids by kids. Their Web Site speaks for itself. A MUST FOR YOUR CHILD. 
  • Tales - Wacky Wacky - Fun for family time. Put your child on your lap and go for a surf in the world of absurdity. Laughter is the cure for all. 

Safety Related Links

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  • Discovery Online- A great resource for school projects. Reference for the Discovery channel schedule as well.
  • Eskimo- For older kids into science and school science projects.
  • For every women on line. What a great package of information. You will enjoy surfing over there.

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Fun Links for Kids

  • Crayola Crayons - The name says it all. And you won't have to clean up afterwards!!!
    • Lego- The place for "Legomaniacs" of all ages.
    • Just for girls. How to have safe computer pen pals. Check it out and let us know if your child likes it. 
    • Yahooligans - A great Kids Site. Lots & Lots & Lots of links for kids. Keep an eye on the screen. Some of those links take forever to load.
    • Horsefun - A horse lovers dream. What else can I say.
    • Coloring - For very young kids. Very simple. Very easy. They will enjoy it. Give the drawings absurd colors and have a good laugh.
    • Kid Safety on the Net - Let your child surf this site. (Better yet - Tell your child to surf this site) Great tips on all issues of safety, written for kids. 

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    Teen Health & Safe Sex Info

    • Safer Sex - Don't even think about it any other way.
    • The Body - Should answer a whole lot of your questions about AIDS and HIV. Try it, if it does not, we will try to answer them for you.
    • AIDS & HIV - What every women should know about it. 
    • Games Wordshop Tour - conjures images of mighty armies meeting headlong on the fields of battle, clashing swords, and the blistering spark of laser fire. If you haven't been lucky enough to play a Games Workshop game yourself, or you aren't very familiar with the Games Workshop Hobby, then you've come to the right place..

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    Miscellaneous Links for Mom & Dad
    that you will find to be out of the ordinary

    • BABYZONE : PREGNANCY, MATERNITY, FAMILIY PLANNING, INFERTILITY , CHILDBIRTH, PARENTING, AND BABIES, all the "if and buts, pros and cons" about the creation of a family.
    • Triaminic Parents Club - Join their club and enjoy their Web Site.
    • "Sometimes we need to be reminded how lucky we are. Visit this site and be thankful ...... for what we have." 
    • - Just a good place to start the afternoon with your kids surfing the net. A whole bunch of great links.
    • Never Forget - It will help you remeber your mother in law's birthday. They will be impressed.
    • Virtual Florist - If your mother in law has an E-mail address send her flowers on her birthday. If she does not have one send flowers to someone else. (Who has an E-mail address)
    • - The url speaks for itself. I did not get a chance to check the whole site out but it seams full of good advice and more importantly full of good intentions. 
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